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Aksaray Palace

Aksaray is an outstanding monument of the Temur and Temurids.

17 March 18, 2020

Ichan Kala

Ichan-kala (inner fortress) is the center of old Khiva. The medieval city, perfectly preserved to this day

9 March 18, 2020


One of the ancient cities of Central Asia is Khiva. Located in the north-west of Uzbekistan

14 March 16, 2020

Poi Kolyan Complex

Poi Kolyan is a grandiose historical ensemble in the central part of Bukhara.

9 March 14, 2020


Registan Square - the largest and most magnificent sight of the ancient city of Samarkand

17 March 13, 2020


Samarkand is one of the oldest cities in the world; its history spans about 2500 years.

17 March 04, 2020

Gur Emir

Gur Emir - this is one of the main attractions of the ancient city of Samarkand - and translates as "tomb of the lord"

13 March 04, 2020

Bibi Khanum Mosque

Bibi Khanum - one of the largest and most significant religious monuments of the Islamic world

15 March 01, 2020

Museum complex Mirzo Ulugbek

Mirzo Ulugbek Museum was erected in honor of the great scientist and statesman of the 15th century, who made an invaluable contribution to world science.

19 February 16, 2020

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